Forcite | All-Purpose Emergency Kits

A complete collection of essential emergency survival gear, medical/hygiene supplies and knowledge materials; designed to promote the value of preparedness each and every day.

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Emergency Kits by Forcite

Always Be Prepared.

Everyday preparedness means convenience, safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Survival Kits in an ammo can gives you the survival gear, medical/hygiene essentials, and knowledge needed to prepare you are your loved ones for any situation.


Survival guides and materials show you how to prepare for an emergency and maximize the potential of your kit.

Medical + Hygiene

First-aid, medication, and hygiene essentials selected to handle a wide range of emergency situations.


Researched and quality-tested survival gear contained inside a lightweight carrying organizer.



Knowledge materials show you how to personalize and complete your emergency prep. Contained in a documents sleeve attached to the inside lid of your kit.

Kit Guide

Item details including the different ways you can use each one in an emergency.

Emergency Contact Cards

Double-sided Emergency Contact Cards for you to keep in your wallet and kit.

Kit Contents List

Laminated contents list you can hang up for quick reference/refill reminders.

Emergency Preparedness Knowledge Guide stored in the lid of the ammo can.

Food + Water Guide

Instead of giving you a small food/water supply that expires, this teaches you how to properly maintain a rotating store.

Total Preparedness Checklist

Prepare your home, make a plan, and complete your kit with important documents, spare cash, and more.


Medical + Hygiene

A quality 105 piece first-aid kit, supplemented with additional medication and hygiene supplies.


Medical-Hygiene kit with well-balanced kit with first-aid guides. Comes in a sturdy pouch with contents listed on the back.
12 –
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4   –
16 –
12 –
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4   –
1   –
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2   –
8   –
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3   –
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3   –
1   –
Antiseptic Wipes
Bandage, Fabric 2″ x 4.5″
Bandages, Knuckle
Bandages, Fabric 1″ x 3″
Bandages Plastic 3/8″ x 1.5″
Bandages, Wrap 2″
Butterfly Closures
Cold Pack
Cotton Tip 10pk
Dressing, 2″ x 3″
Dressing, Gauze 2″ x 2″
Dressing, Gauze 3″ x 3″
Dressing, Gauze 4″ x 4″
Gloves, Nitrile (Pair)
Hand Wipe
Insect Relief Wipes
Moleskin Medical-Hygiene kit Moleskin is used to prevent blisters when walking long distances.
Splinter/Tick Tweezers
Safety Pins
Tape, 1/2″ x 30ft

1   –  Trauma Pad 5″ x 9″
4   –  Triple Antibiotic Ointments


6   –  Acetaminophen Tablets
8   –  Antacid Tablets
4   –  Anti-diarrhea Tablets
3   –  Antihistamine Tablets
4   –  Aspirin Tablets
6   –  Ibuprofen Tablets


2   –  Condoms Medical-Hygiene kit Lifestyles®, non-lubricated condoms.
2   –  Gum Sticks
1   –  Hand Sanitizer Medical-Hygiene kit hand sanitizer 2oz, no stickiness, dries fast, smells great, w/ aloe vera moisturizer.
1   –  Petroleum Jelly, 2oz
1   –  Shampoo/Soap/Shaving, 2oz
1   –  Shaving Razor
3   –  Tampons Medical-Hygiene kit Playtex® Super/Regular with plastic applicator.
1   –  Toothbrush/Toothpaste Medical-Hygiene kit soft brush, Crest® toothpaste, comes in travel pouch.

Dump of Medical-Hygiene kit component.



Survival kits often neglect critical items and/or give you cheap gear that you never use. These items were carefully chosen for everyday utility and safety.

1   –
1   –
1   –
2   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
2   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
550 Paracord, 50ft Survival gear paracord. 37ft + 13ft in handle wrap.
AM/FM/Shortwave Radio Survival gear am/fm/sw radio. Strong reception, loud, 7 shortwave bands. 2 AA batteries included.
Bandana Handkerchief Survival gear bandana handkerchief. Red, 22 x 22
Bic® Mini Lighters
Deck of Cards
Duct Tape Roll, 15ft
Ear Plugs, Pair
Fixed-blade Utility Knife Survival gear Swedish-made MoraKniv®, carbon steel 3.6 blade, sheath included.
Garbage Bag, 42gal
LED Flashlight Torch Survival gear CREE™, high/low/strobe, adjustable focus, powerful beam. 1 + 1 extra AA battery included.
Mylar Thermal Blanket
N95 Respirator Mask
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
1   –
3   –
1   –
1   –
10 –
1   –
1   –
2   –
10 –
Plier Multi-Tool Survival gear plier multi-tool. Strong, pre-lubed, smooth operation. Pliers, wire cutter, pipe clamp, 2-1/2 inch knife, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, bottle and can opener, rope tool, 5-inch/13-millimeter scale, scissors, file, wood saw.
Sewing Kit Survival gear sewing kit. Sewing needles, black thread, buttons, safety pins.
Sharpie® Marker
Super Glue
Tealight Candles, 7hr
Trinkets Kit Survival gear trinkets kit. Paper clips, toothpicks, cotton balls, rubber bands, safety pins.
Waterproof Matchbox, 40ct
Water Purification Tablets Survival gear water purification tablets. Aquatabs®, treats 1L water each.
Whistle Survival gear emergency whistle. SOL™ Rescue Howler Slim, 100db, very loud.
Work Gloves
ZipLoc® Slider Bags
Zip Ties


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  • The Forcite kit provides a lot of useful resources in a small and durable package. We like that it easily fits on a shelf, under a bed, or in the trunk of a car, and it’s quick to grab if SHTF.


    Read the Review

  • The packing was exceptional and protected the beautiful finish and condition of the cans during transit. The contents are as advertised, great quality and expertly arranged. To say I am satisfied would be an understatement!!!

    Customer – Las Vegas, NV

  • I am very impressed. The kit is great. Lots of thought that has gone into the selection of materials and the way they physically fit into the box. Having a “clean & tidy” kit is essential when you’re looking for something in a hurry or in the dark, so kudos there.

    Customer – Brooklyn, NY

  • .. it has everything you’d need for a regular emergency or that possible SHTF moment. If you’re trying to create an emergency kit that contains all the useful medical and hygiene items you could possibly stuff into one container… STOP. Forcite already did it.

    Customer – Spring, TX


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All kits are sold out at the moment. Please check back in the future for more stock.

What’s Included

  • Military .50 cal Steel Ammo Box  
  • Emergency Preparedness Knowledge Materials  
  • Medical/First-Aid Kit  
  • Hygiene Kit  
  • Survival Kit  
  • Carrying Case Organizer  
  • Documents Pouch  
  • Optional Lock with Pin Hardware  

Forcite | All-Purpose Emergency Kit


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